Bénin & Togo

In general, the poorer are the countries, the less they have cultural monuments. This is the case of Africa, whose history and traditions, which are still very much alive, have been transmitted orally from the earliest times.

Countries in West Africa have a rich cultural heritage. Their music has conquered the world. The Senegalese YoussouN’Dour and Grand Baaba Laal, the Guinean Mory Kanté, the Cape Verdean Cesaria Evora and the Beninese Angélique Kidjo have made known in France, and elsewhere, the African music. For their part, artists like Fela Kuti (Nigeria) and Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast) have been able to make their political vision heard. Historically, griots (traditional storyteller musicians) sing the praises of the great lineages on percussion rhythms. Ethnic groups animate local festivals, weddings or funerals. Everywhere, still today, as in the past, rhythms regulate the life of the villagers: corn and piment are piled in rhythm, fields are grown in cadence.

Discover the temple of Voodoo by going on the trail of African arts: wood carving, painting, songs and traditional dances … A trip on the tone of learning and initiation, from Cotonou to Natitingou.

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