côte mexicaine

côte mexicaine

Travel with the Agatha Jones Association.

The association Agatha Jones offers you the opportunity to discover other horizons, through the natural heritage of course, but also through the cultural heritage … I do not speak to you of churches and other buildings. I speak to you of what you will not be able to photograph: the atmospheres, the know-how, relations with one’s neighbor or beyond, and of course the musical rhythms that will make your heart vibrate and move your senses, Even your hips.

The journey is the opportunity to understand that Nature and Culture are connected. Two simple realities to understand this connection: The textiles are made according to the local fibers. Musical instruments often come from a specific wood or animal skin. Art and Crafts are spearheads of local cultures. That’s why they are at the heart of our stays.

Dans l'Amazonie

Dans l’Amazonie

Do you have the desire to discover a country and a culture through art or know-how? Far from the beaten path, we are here to guide you, advise you, support you and organize your authentic journey.

To date, we can direct you to artistic stays in Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Benin and Togo: Vegetal painting in the heart of the jungle, initiation to the sculpture of wooden masks and African percussions in a small Yoruba village, discovery Traditional Marimba instruments, traditional salsa and dances ….

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