The association

Today, the traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors struggle to be transmitted. Nothing surprising: the world has become so small that one click accesses to the same images and information from Los Angeles to Tokyo. We drink Coca Cola and listen to Rihanna on every continent. Gradually, globalization takes precedence over a multitude of local peculiarities and know-how.

The AGATHA JONES association was created to give life to our cultures and our inheritances. Its objective is to practice, promote and disseminate the variety of arts, crafts and skills in the world.

We undertake actions whose objective is to enhance the oral traditions, performing arts, festive events, knowledge, and practices concerning nature and the universe or craft skills.

We are constantly on the track of all these little intangible things that compose the daily life of our similar and that offer the possibility of living a culture from within.

Do you want to experience an Agatha Jones adventure? Want to start on the trail of lost art? Join us !