As you can see, Agatha Jones’s expertise concerns the Art and Craft of the World.

Beyond the dance classes and creative stays, Agatha Jones proposes to animate your events that promote the cultural heritage with dancing animations, conferences, travel diaries or photographic reportages …

This year, it was the community of communes of the « Brie Boisée » (Seine et Marne, France), which trusted us for the animation of a day on the theme of Latin America. Throughout the day, our association was represented through:

– 4 workshops on the dances of the Pacific and the Caribbean (Salsa, cumbia, mapalé, marimba)

– 1 jewelery stand and craft accessories in vegetable ivory (fair trade in Ecuador)

– A conference on the theme “Music and Dance: Cultural Cement”, which treats, among others, the following themes: the power of music, slavery and Spanish colonization in the Americas.

– A photo report on the natural resources of Ecuador and the environmental challenges of globalization.

– A dance animation to accompany the concert of the group “Boca chocolate”

Find here the program of the day:

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