In a few words

Before creating AGATHA JONES, Agathe Dalmazzo has a career in Communication. After spending seven years in this environment, she decided to use her project management skills to serve her passions and concerns: dance and the environment.
In 2011, she went alone to Benin to help an equitable and solidary travel association to create an eco-tourism circuit focusing on the enhancement of the intangible and natural heritage of Benin and Togo.
It is the perfect opportunity for Agathe to discover the ancestral arts and to practice the dances of Africa.

n 2012, she leaves to Ecuador to work as a collaborator with the Conservatory of Music and Dances of Esmeraldas. There, she teaches traditional dances. She participates in the carnival as a solo dancer, during which she gives a personal interpretation of the local rhythms of the Marimba.
On the day of the event, she discovers Colombian salsa, spectacular and acrobatic. She weaves links with dancers from Cali and goes there to learn that dance and to make contacts.

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In parallel to these trips, the association is created. It is officialized with its publication in the official journal of associations on 27 October 2012.