The Agatha Jones association is the valorisation of intangible cultural heritages. “Art” and “Crafts” are our two spearheads. Valuing craft is to try to resist the mass production and consumption patterns. It is also valuing noble materials, directly connected to the environment and the way of life of craftsmen. Finally, valuing craftsmanship is seeking to disseminate know-how that makes us more autonomous. To this end, we propose the sale of handicrafts, based on trips that punctuate our actuality.

Sewn and hand embroidered textiles from Vietnam have as much their place as our creations of jewelry and accessories in vegetal ivory (tagua), which we make manufacture by a family of Ecuadorian craftsmen, in accordance with the rules of fair trade .

We aim to maintain this partnership, which allows us to partially fund our actions, and maintain an ethical business relationship.